Why haven't I received the password for the My Ticketmaster Presale?

To be eligible you must have signed up to become a My Ticketmaster member on our website (www.ticketmaster.co.nz) and select to receive "Special Event Related Offers" and Ticket Alerts for the appropriate Category of Interest or Artist. Generally registration is required to be completed at least two weeks prior to the announcement of the presale.

E-mails containing presale particulars are generally only sent out in the hours leading up to the start of the pre-sale. On some occasions, the email is delayed until just before the start of the pre-sale. In these cases, the codeword may be posted here. To find this, search for the name of the event you are interested in attending.

If you believe you are eligible and still have not received the codeword please click here to access the list of current presales.

Please note that some pre-sales are not for My Ticketmaster members. In these circumstances you will need to contact the relevant pre-sale organiser to gain access to the offer.

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